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Graphics Division

Want some art created with you in mind?
    For your office?

Items below are available as t-shirts, caps, cards, aprons, iPhone cases, tote bags, mugs, etc. Click an icon to open a new attitudinous window of opportunity.

Logos hand designed with your business in mind.

Attitudinous AnimalsTM Texas Steer is our 1st: he's even trademarked!

Skull & Crossbones: Piratey attitude tailored to your occupation.

7 Deadlies—Each Deadly Sin given a face: there's 1 just for you.

Bibliophile—Defined: I'd sell my body before I'd sell my books.

Irish Pride—Irish: Temper Included*
*It's okay. We're Irish, so we can diss ourselves.

Fine Arts Division

Sometimes we just need beauty—to keep or to give.

DEM Bookies hand creates

Cards/Journals: Tailor made to fit you and your recipient

Glass Paintings: Hand painted 10" X 12" glass panes

Jewelry: Hand crafted in a rainbow of colors and styles

Photographic Posters: Made-to-order from our photo collection

Glass Ornaments: hand-painted glass ornaments available for persons living within 25 miles of our office

Rice-Paper Collage: Unique, vivid art for your home or office