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Through DEM Consulting, authors can publish their original works without the hassles of either high overhead or submission rejections. Need copyediting? Cover art? Layout assistance? Book review? We supply any or all of these services at a reasonable cost.

Current List of DEM Published Works

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When God Walks Away: A Dark Night Companion How do we survive when, although our souls ache for God, it seems our Beloved has walked out on us? When God Walks Away: A Dark Night Companion explores and celebrates one of faith’s great mysteries: the dark night of the soul. Christ’s passion serves as a model for the journey as we accompany Him through surrender, into agonized suffering, to death and into the wonder of new life.

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The Clown Series

Novels inspired by Jesus' parables as they relate to the challenges of growing youth, including relationships, loneliness, bullying, eating disorders, vocational decisions, and death and dying.

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Art Books

Light Drenched Journey The combined arts of photography, poetry, music, and narration take readers on a light-drenched journey across the globe and into the depths of their own souls.

In myriad ways, God’s light reaches us, brightens us, empowers us, and sustains our journeys. Light Drenched Journey celebrates God’s gift of light as it reaches across the globe, across the centuries, and into the dailiness of our lives. Primarily, the book celebrates Christ, the Light of the World, as well as its Creator. Light Drenched Journey, a collaborative creative work from Bob Phillips, photographer; Kaye P. McKee, writer; Renee French, composer and musician; and David McKee, narrator and graphic designer, provides purchasers with both a published book of images and text as well as an Internet link with an original music composition and spoken narrative.